October 1, 2011

Using Old Window Frames As Wall Dcor

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Plain walls are boring, but buying decorator artwork can be very expensive, especially if you have a lot of wall space to cover. Fortunately, using old window frames, bought cheaply from a salvage yard or “donated” by neighbors who are remodeling, to decorate your walls is more fun and less expensive. Because you do this yourself, you can easily match the styles and colors of your window frames to fit your existing decor.

Window frames easily lend themselves to different decorating ideas. Hang a large window frame on the wall and then mount your children’s artwork inside it (using a cheap picture frame) highlights your child’s work. Do this three or four times and your room suddenly becomes an art museum. You can highlight any bit of artwork in the same way.

You can also use window frames to display photographs. You don’t need to blow up your photos to fit the frame. Rather, use small prints you can print from your home computer, and then use a large frame to group them together. You can place photographs of your immediate family inside the frame and then place photos of your extended family outside of it.

The best part about using old window frames is that you can decorate them as you like. Use several smaller frames, painted in various metallic colors, to reflect light and add size and dimension to a small room. You could even use hot melt glue or epoxy to fasten bits of broken tiles, pottery, or even old broken china to completely transform them. You can use the same technique to fasten glass beads for vases to them, adding sparkle and a touch of quirky elegance to your room. If you get carried away with these ideas, each frame will become a one-of-a-kind work of art.

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