November 11, 2011

Wooden Window Frames And Family Picture Wall Dcor

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The focus of any room is going to be its windows because of the view. How the view is framed will lead the eye of visitors to viewing the family pictures on the walls. Matching framing gives the viewer a sense of balance and completion. Sometimes trending complementary framing gives the viewer ideas for their own windows and pictures.

For example, a home with a water view might have windows framed in a dark wood, especially if the water view is from the east or south, where the room will have plenty of light. Picture frames could be just as dark because the light will showcase them. In darker rooms, however, if the picture framing was made of lighter woods against pale or neutral wall colors, they would stand out quite well.

Many people prefer painted picture frames to match their furniture or window treatment colors. Some framing resembles an old, torn down barn or has been treated to look aged, as if it had been around since the turn of the century. Yet other framing has been made to look as if it had sustained water damage. These would look good in a beach house or one with water frontage.

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